Gifts for newborn babies are treasured by new parents around the world. Most often, gifts for newborns are given at a baby shower and then again at the baby's Christening or other religious rite.

Most gifts include items such as baby clothes, baby furniture, and money for an education fund.

Here are some more baby gifts that are unusual and interesting:

1) Shoulder Sling. This handy shoulder sling made of strong cotton cloth holds the baby securely against a person's chest. The sling is comfortable for both the baby and the sling wearer.

2) Wristwatch Baby Monitor. This wristwatch is a receiver that receives the slightest baby sound from a transmitter situated near the baby. This monitor runs on a battery that recharges while it continues to monitor. The wristwatch monitor can be worn on the wrist or belt while you work around the house.

3) Neoprene Baby Bib. The beauty of this bib is that it can be wiped clean after each use. There is even a pocket along the bottom of the bib to catch food.

4) The "Boppy" Baby Pillow. This is an all-around form-fitting pillow which the baby lies on while sleeping, feeding, or resting in your arms. It fits any size infant.

5) Musical Mobile. Having a mobile over the crib provides interest for the baby and helps him or her focus on objects. Mobiles can be made up of butterflies, fish, birds, or characters from fairy tales. Some give off a tinkling sound in the breeze while others have music that can be turned on or off.

6) Car Seat. A baby's car seat with a harness and safeguard is a highly desired gift for a newborn baby. Most babies spend a lot of time in the back seat of a car and need to be kept safe while they ride.

7) Changing Table. Every new baby needs a changing table. The changing table is structured so that the baby can not roll off. The changing table is light-weight enough to be moved from place to place. The shelves on the bottom are for storage.

8) Storage Tote. A storage tote is a roomy canvas bag for the nursery. It is meant to hold books, CDs, baby powder, diapers, toys, or baby bottles. Storage totes are an alternative to storage boxes. They have the advantage of being light-weight and easy to move around.

9) Baby cup. A silver or silver-plated baby cup engraved with the baby's initials is a desirable gift. People keep their baby cup for their entire life.

10) Baby Name Scroll. This is a name painting showing the baby's first name, its meaning, history, and famous people with the same name. The background is a painting, with a golden crown, crests, and seals. It is a collectible and is ready for framing.

The above baby gifts are enough to brighten any new parent's day. Most are on the unusual side and will make a hit at a party. With all the gifts to choose from, you will surely enjoy the experience of finding the perfect gifts for newborn babies in your life.

Source by Babies & Kiddos