5 Features a Good Portable Baby Monitor Should Have

When you are looking to buy a portable  baby   monitor  you want it to be a good buy. So many times parents rush to buy a  baby   monitor  assuming that because the manufacturer has a good name for other  baby  products and it is being sold from a high street chain that it must be good. Sadly, this is not always the case and many can prove to be bad decisions resulting in you purchasing again later on.

A portable  baby   monitor  should allow you freedom to move away from your  baby  and yet still keep a check on what is happening clearly and reliably. It should not fail if you step outside into your garden for instance. A sign of good quality is when your portable  baby   monitor  has a good long range and will warn you if you are getting too far away for a signal.

Vibrating alert settings are a must as this can free you up to be doing necessary jobs such as gardening that can sometimes involve noisy machinery. The vibrating alert means that you do not have to keep stopping every five minutes to listen to your monitor for any signs of crying. The monitor should come with a suitable clip so that you can attach it to your clothing firmly to prevent it falling.

The ability to be able to interact with your child should be a feature too. If you are outside and your baby wakes, it is far less stressful for both you and your child if they can hear your voice. This is a very good way to keep them calm while you can get to them and often it is all that your child needs to be able to drift back off to sleep without you having to physically attend.

Unfortunately, one of the most common complaints from parents about their portable  baby   monitor  is the irritating back ground interference that so many of them have. This loud crackling and picking up of every movement and rustle keeps a tired parent awake even when their baby is fast asleep. Make sure you buy a monitor that filters all that away so that the only sounds that you receive are those that you need to be hearing.

Try to choose a portable  baby   monitor  that you can either use plugged into the mains or works on battery. Many will only come with one option – usually mains operation. You cannot always dictate how many and whereabouts plugs are going to be, especially if you are staying in a hotel or at friends or relatives. To be able to interchange your portable  baby   monitor  to be able to run from either source is so handy and makes life that little less stressful.

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