5 Wrong Beliefs About Babies and Sleep

New parents often have a hard time putting their little bundles of joy to sleep. As parents, it is their responsibility to care for their little ones. Because of this, they will do everything possible to find ways to effectively put their little angels to sleep. Of course, it will surely help if you have the ideal mattresses for them like the Sealy Baby Ultra Rest mattress, Sealy Perfect Rest crib mattress, etc. However, putting little tots to sleep isn’t that simple.

In order to send the tots off to dreamland, parents go online to read up on tips and they also ask their friends and family members for help. Unfortunately, this leads to many of them believing several misconceptions. Believing in false information will not help their case. Here are five of the many wrong beliefs about infants and sleep:

Wrong Belief #1: A quiet environment will make the baby sleep.

Many parents believe that a quiet environment is a good guarantee that their babies will fall asleep. Unfortunately, this is a myth born on the personal preference of parents. In reality, some babies will feel disconcerted about the quiet and that the baby will definitely wake up. A quiet environment is not a guarantee that a baby will fall asleep.

Wrong Belief #2: Babies will continue to sleep through the night and wake up when morning comes especially if you tire them out during the day.

Another misconception given by the fact that parents think that their infants sleep just like they do is the one where they actually think that once they’re tucked in bed, they will sleep until morning comes. If they believe this, then they are just setting themselves up for disappointment. Young ones will wake up whenever they want to. This includes even during the wee hours of the morning.

Wrong Belief #3: Never wake a sleeping tot.

Parents believe that waking a sleeping infant is not a good idea. This is not the right thought because in all actuality, they will just get back to sleep if they are still sleepy.

Wrong Belief #4: Feeding solid food will make them sleep longer.

Solid food only helps sleep if the person is a grown adult. Solid food will not help infants sleep longer. Parents who believe this are just wasting time.

Wrong Belief # 5: Making a baby cry until he or she is tired will make him or her go to sleep.

If parents do this, they are just hurting their kids. This is because making him or her cry it out to sleep just wears the baby’s vocal chords. Parents should pacify their children when they cry.

The only thing that parents should have in mind is that babies will sleep whenever they feel like. This is why they should adjust to their baby’s sleeping patterns and not the other way around. Of course, because tots need a lot of sleep, it’s recommended to make sure they get a comfy bed. That’s the reason why choosing the right crib mattresses matters. Among of today’s top makes in the market are crib mattresses from the Sealy and Colgate brands.

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