7 Features The Best Infant Monitor Should Have

Finding the best infant monitor particularly if you are a brand new parents for your newborn can be a headache sometimes.

If you are looking for the best baby monitor, there are a lot of factors to consider in finding the right one. Look for the following features that the infant monitor should have:

1) How clear is the sound

The sound that your baby makes should be clearly heard by you particularly if you are not in the same room with your newborn. The volume control should be on the receiver so that you can easily adjust the sound volume.

2) Light activated when the baby makes sound

This is particularly useful if some reason you are not able to hear your baby cries for example when you are listening to music. The activated light will alert you to attend to your baby promptly.

3) How good is the reception and should be within reasonable range

The reception of the monitor should be good with reception range of up to 500 feets or more particularly if you live in a large house. This would enable you to be anywhere in your house and still be able to hear when your baby cries or make some sound.

4) Interference free

It is best that the monitor should be interference free where you do not want your cellphone or other electronic gadgets that you may have in your house to interfere with the reception of the baby monitor.

5) How clear is the vision

This is particularly useful if you opt for a baby video monitor instead of the audio monitor. You should be able to see your baby clearly from the monitor and the vision is not blur or fuzzy. A clear vision from the video will provide you with added comfort where you are able to see your baby and what your baby is doing.

6) Light and portable

The monitor units should be light and portable where you can easily carry the monitor anywhere around your house. The units that comes with belt clips allows you to attach the monitor unit to your belt where you do not have to hold it particularly if you are working in the garden.

7) Durable

The monitor units should be durable and last for longer period of time. This is particularly useful if you were to accidentally drop the units and the units should stay intact. This can save you money from having to buy again should the unit is broken especially if you just purchased the units.

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