A One Or Two Way Baby Monitor is a Parent’s Best Friend

Mothers-to-be take good care of themselves during pregnancy knowing that everything they do can affect the tiny baby growing inside them. After nine long months of waiting, the baby arrives. It is a time of great joy. Most parents agree that seeing the utter vulnerability of their new baby immediately arouses their protective nature.

Any parent would probably want to watch their child 24/7. However, in reality there are a variety of roles that a parent has to perform that make that difficult. They have to divide their time between taking care of the baby and fulfilling their responsibilities to other family members and especially to themselves.

Nowadays, technology makes this task much easier and one wonderful piece of technology is the  baby   monitor .

What are  Baby   Monitors 

 Baby   monitors  effectively act as a pseudo parent in constant vigil by their bed. It is a radio transmitter that uses FM (Frequency Modulation) radio waves most commonly between the ranges of 48,830 to 48,890 MHz. They have two components, the transmitter and the receiver. Transmitters are being placed within 5 to 10 feet of the baby.

The transmitter is plugged into a wall socket in the baby’s room to transmit signals to the receiver. The receiver is most often battery operated so it can be carried around the house easily. Sound from the baby is picked up and a signal is transmitted to the receiver. The parent has the receiver somewhere else in the house.

What  Baby   Monitors  Do

 Baby   monitors  generally help mothers watch their  baby  without being stuck inside the baby’s room all day. So parents are able to do what must be done around the house. In times gone by this would have been accomplished by a member of the extended family watching the child. But this isn’t available to most parents these days.

From the time  baby   monitors  have been first released, countless of innovations have been made. They are no longer just an electric device to check on when a baby cries, but now offer a number of advantages that help ensure the baby’s well-being.

A variety of two way products not only permit audio signals to be heard but also allow the parent from the receiver’s end to speak to their baby and/or sing or play music to soothe the baby.

A video  monitor  can let you see the  baby  at all times.

Some versions have sensors that are placed under the baby’s mattress/bedclothes that detects even the most subtle of movements including the baby’s breathing. When no movement is detected for a span of 20 seconds or if breathing is below the medically accepted rate, an alarm is triggered thereby warning parents.

The first and overriding priority is your  baby’s  health and safety and today’s  baby   monitors  provide that and much more. They make parents’ lives easier and can truly be called a parents best friend!

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