A Review of the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

Nowadays,  monitors  for  babies  come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sharing their own ways to help you know the baby’s condition the best way possible. But are they truly worth your money? When it comes to  baby  video  monitors , the key is to be able to observe your little one without any hassles in function and mobility. The Motorola Digital Video  Baby   Monitor  is the latest in a line of  baby   monitor  innovations.

One of the more notable specs that this Motorola  Baby   Monitor  has is the night vision. Even in the dark, you can now view what happens to your baby without having any light. No longer does your baby have to sleep with the lights on. And you know how annoying it can be for any toddler to sleep with the lights on. This can disrupt their sleep and even irritate them in the process. The night vision is great since you are getting a new dimension to the whole  baby  video  monitor  gadgetry. With night vision, you can also adjust the contrast through its easy-to-function controls that you hold on to.

Another spec is the long range and the high sensitivity monitoring. The Motorola Digital Video Monitor has one of the longest ranges ever, still being fully functional even if you are 450 feet away. The high sensitivity is also a welcome addition, as the Motorola  Baby   Monitor  automatically comes on when it senses any sort of noise or movement from the  baby . It’s a great way to save energy and at the same time, be warned when something is happening.

The  Baby  Soother is also a welcome addition to this  monitor . There are 5 lullabies that you can choose from to help your baby sleep during those nights when they just can’t seem to settle down. And along with the two-way communication, you can now talk to your baby through the other line without ever having to surprise her with your voice.

The Motorola Video Monitor has a rechargeable battery pack that can last for about 4 hours, depending on how long you wish to use it. All of these can now be seen through the 3.5-inch LCD screen as this is one of the bigger ones that you will see from any other  baby   monitor  in the market. Definitely, the Motorola  Baby  Video  Monitor  is a device that you will surely love and appreciate.

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