A Second Baby Monitor

Last month, when my son, his wife and 20 month old daughter came to visit for Christmas, we were excited. How well I remember all the equipment needed to travel with a baby. Since my boys were babies, many new gadgets have hit the market. There is a device or item for every need, function or want the baby could have. Being frugal from raising four boys, I could not justify all these cutesy things that had become a necessity for present day parents.

One item my son and daughter-in-law brought with them was a  baby   monitor . Now I was impressed with that. They could put the baby down for a nap and hear when she awoke from downstairs. This was especially useful since the baby was not in her crib and waking in a not so familiar environment. Plus it allowed us to visit without waking the baby, but still now we were quickly available if she needed us.

Three weeks after my son and his family returned to their home in South Carolina, my mother had surgery on her shoulder. Mother is 87 and the surgery was hard on her. It addition she acquired a urinary tract infection and had to be re-hospitalized. After being dismissed from the hospital, Mother need 24/7 supervision. Her walking was unsteady and she did not have the use of her right arm.

I purchased a wireless door bell. I placed the ringer button by her bed and the chime by my bed. If she needed me for any reason, all she had to do was press the button. This worked well – one time. After she went to bed, she would not ring for me to come help her go to the bathroom. I was afraid she would fall again and I could not continue to sit up each night monitoring her. Then I remember the  baby   monitor .

I purchased a  baby   monitor . This has partially solved my dilemma. Mother still refused to call me when she gets up, however, with the help of the  baby   monitor , I can hear her get up. After the commode flushes, she lies back down, and returns to sleep breathing, I go back to sleep.

Just as I did when my boys were babies, I have learned to know the sounds Mother makes during the night. I can distinguish the normal and the abnormal sounds. I know when I need to get up and go check on her.

The  baby   monitor  will not eliminate a fall Mother may have when she gets up in the night without my help, but it will allow me to be there immediately if she does. She refuses to ring for my assistance, so the  baby   monitor  is the next best thing. We are starting to settle into a routine and get some sleep at night. I feel more confident going to sleep, knowing I can hear her through the  baby   monitor  if she needs me.

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