Advantages of Having a Home Fetal Monitoring Device

If you or your partner is expecting, you may be interested in purchasing or renting a home fetal   monitoring  device so that you can listen to your  baby’s  heartbeat frequently while it is developing in the womb. In the past couple of years, many new fetal heartbeat monitoring devices have appeared on the market and prices are declining so that many expectant parents are now considering purchasing and renting a device that was prohibitively expensive and hard to obtain only a few years ago.

There are many advantages to having a fetal monitor at home. A fetal doppler device will allow expecting parents to regularly check the heartbeat of the fetus, and take fast action if they notice anything abnormal. Irregular heartbeats may signal a problem with the baby getting enough oxygen or other issues that should be checked on immediately. For those with risky pregnancies, a doctor may even recommend that you consider purchasing a device. Of course, if you ever suspect anything is wrong you should not rely on the fetal doppler device, but instead go straight to your doctor or the emergency room.

Fetal doppler devices not only provide reassurance about the baby’s progress but can also promote parental bonding with the baby. Listening to your baby’s heartbeat is a powerful experience, and with a fetal doppler device parents do not have to wait until a visit to the doctor or midwife to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Some sophisticated fetal doppler devices even allow parents to make CD recordings of their baby’s heartbeat to share with friends and family or preserve as family keepsakes.

The best fetal doppler devices can be quite expensive, but there are many companies that also rent these devices out on a monthly basis. However, if you will be using the device for more than a few months, purchasing one may be a better investment.

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