Are Baby Monitors a Waste of Money?

One of my closest friends is expecting her first child and let’s just say she’s been completely clueless when it comes to preparing for the new arrival. She’s been relying on us experienced moms for advice on everything from nursery furniture to clothing, from baby toys to diapers. And for the most part we’ve all agreed on what should be considered an absolute “must buy” and what is a waste of money. But there’s one area where we were split right down the middle: baby monitors.

To tell you the truth I was a little surprised that something as ordinary as a baby monitor could elicit such a heated response. But both sides were absolutely certain that the other was wrong.

In one camp was the moms who saw little use for an infant monitor. This included women who didn’t use monitors at all for their children as well as those who had bad experiences with them. Common complaints included poor reception, static, rapid battery use, and even picking up outside signals from other monitors or cordless phones.

On the other side we had a group of moms who swore they couldn’t live without their baby monitors. This included the ones who wanted to be active around the house or in their yard and still be able to hear their baby cry. They felt that without a reliable monitor they would have been paranoid to be out of their baby’s sight. This group believed that the inexpensive price of an infant monitor is well worth the piece of mind that it will bring you.

So which camp is correct?

Well if you live in a small house or apartment where the baby will never be too far and you’re a light sleeper who can be trusted to wake up when your little one cries then you can probably save yourself a few bucks and skip the monitor. But if you have a big house and yard, are a deep sleeper, or are generally worried that something will happen to baby if you turn your back on him then you should pick one up.

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