Are Cheap Video Baby Monitors Worth It?

Having a baby doesn’t come cheap and the cost of essential items such as diapers, baby grows, bottles, cribs etc., soon adds up to quite a hefty sum. Then there are video  baby   monitors  which are now considered a must have, especially for new parents.

As technology becomes much more sophisticated, so have  baby   monitoring  systems. Once upon a time all you could get was a basic audio monitor, but now you can buy wireless ones with video screen and plenty of functions and features to suit all tastes. However, the more hi-tech the product is, the higher the cost tends to be. Of course it would be great to have one that has lots of fun features, but the questions is are they really worth it and are cheap video  baby   monitors  just as good?

In a UK (Jan 2011) survey, the most important considerations parents looked for in a  baby   monitor  were:

1) sound quality
2) reception and range
3) ease of use
4) portability
5) price.

As far as features, I found that the most important were night vision, two-way talk back and the ability to add additional cameras. Other features such as lullabies, temperature sensor, voice activation etc., were nice features, but not essential.

Is it possible to buy a decent  baby  video  monitor  that doesn’t break the bank with the functions and features that parents want the most? When I talk about cheap, I’m talking about under $100. The answer to my question is yes you can.

My top pick would be the Infant Optics video  baby   monitor  with its 2.4″ color screen and digital 2.4GHz frequency hop wireless technology. This type of technology is usually found in the more expensive monitors and virtually guarantees an interference free and secure signal. You also get an impressive 800 feet signal range, much longer than some of the more expensive models.

The compact parent unit is completely portable, being easy to carry around in your hand. It also has a kick out stand so you can place it only any flat table top.Other features include night vision up to 15ft, two-way talk back, power saving mode, voice activation and the ability to support up to 4 cameras. It’s very easy to set up, all you need to do is plug it in and play. For a video  baby   monitor  with this technology and functions, it’s certainly great value for money and one worth considering.

Obviously the more money you spend the more functions and features you get, but it’s good to know that you can get a cheap model with many of the functions and features that you’d find in more expensive monitors.

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