Are Wireless Baby Monitors Any Good?

There are two alternatives when it comes to choosing a baby monitor. A wireless or wired monitor both have their pros and cons. There is always a lot of speculation as to whether wireless equipment is safe and reliable.

Wireless equipment is certainly safe and sound to have around your child as it simply uses same radio waves that are around all of us all of the time transmitting the latest songs from radios stations. And these obviously do not harm us! The main different is the frequency that is transmitted is different.

With analog type baby monitors there is a slight chance of interference. But simply switch channels and all will be ok. These units are far more reliable than when they were a few years ago so you will not have any problems. The big advantage of the analog units is that they are quite cheap to buy.

It you want an interference-free monitoring system then buy a digital (often known as DECT) baby monitoring solution. These use the same technology as a digital cordless phone – again, quite safe and we have these in our homes. These systems produce perfect crystal clear sound or images so that you can be confident of always being in contact with your baby.

If you want to actually see your baby whilst they are sleeping then go for a video baby monitor system. These systems have really come down in price in recent years and are affordable for all. It's fantastic to be able to look at your baby as it will reduce anxiety and give you peace of mind.

Overall, wireless baby monitors are so much better than they were a few years ago and are far more affordable. They are safe and reliable and there is a great choice available.

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