Are Wooden Toys Good For Teething Babies?

When your first child starts the teething process it can be a daunting experience for a new parent. Irritability, fussiness, sleep problems and gum swelling can cause you great concern. All experts recommend that you give your baby something to chew on to relieve their discomfort, and wooden teething toys are a safe and environmentally sound option that many parents are unaware of.

Some new parents could be under the impression that a child needs something soft to chew on when actually they are far more comfortable chewing on something hard. Wood is a great material for your baby to sink their teeth into and completely natural. In Europe, PVC teething toy have been banned but they are still available in the U.S. Take this as a warning and go for a natural alternative for your sensitive baby.

When you choose a wooden teething toy you need to be sure that it is completely free of toxins. Oils are used to seal the wood, protecting it from splintering. With your teething toy, you need to be aware of the different types of oil used in wood finishing and be able to recognize the types that are non-toxic.

Flaxseed oil is non-toxic and is also used as an herbal remedy, making it the recommended choice for your toy. Nut oil, although non-toxic should be used with caution. Your child may have allergies that you are not yet aware of, so nut oil could be potentially dangerous unless you are certain that your child has shown no signs of nut allergies.

Linseed oil is made from flax seed and is considered non-toxic. But make sure that only pure linseed oil has been used, as boiled linseed uses some preservatives that may not be safe for your child. Teething toys that are finished in beeswax are also considered safe for your child.

Always check the label of the wooden toy. It should read non-toxic and if you are not sure then make some enquiries or look for an alternative that you are positive is non-toxic.

When you are certain that the teething toy is safe for your child, your next concern is finding a toy that is right for the environment. There is no doubt that a wooden toy is better for the earth than a plastic toy. It will also last longer and be able to be passed from generation to generation. You want to look for wood that has been responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. Quality companies will be proud of this fact and the information should be easy to locate.

With the right choice you can have the perfect wooden teething toy that is perfect for your baby and the environment.

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