Award Winning BT Digital Baby Monitor Model 150

It’s a real joyous time when you are first told that you are going to be proud parents. From that moment on, you think of virtually nothing else, you start planning the decorating of the nursery room, the colours, the cot and you start to look for different things on how you want to dress the room. But probably one of the first things you think of is a  BABY   MONITOR . Both you and your partner want what’s best for the safety of your baby once it is born into the world. You want reassurance that once your  baby  is asleep either during the day or evening, you want to know that  baby  can be  monitored  whilst you are away in another room or at a distance away down the garden. This is where the BT 150 Digital  Baby   Monitor  answers all your questions.

There are many  monitors  on the market these days, but before you choose one, consideration should be given as to what you want from the  monitor  to  monitor  your  baby  safely. You want a  monitor  that will allow you to hear your  baby  breathe or cry and you want to be able to hear any signal that could tell you if there could be anything wrong. The monitor must be reliable with a clear no interference reception. You require a  monitor  that will continue to work and  monitor  your  baby  from a distance. The BT 150 Digital  Baby   Monitor  meets all these considerations and more.

This product has an affordable price tag attached to it. The sections of the product consist of a parent  monitor  and a  baby   monitor , both exteriors are constructed of a thick plastic casing making them very sturdy in case of accidental knocks or they are dropped. The parent monitor has a belt clip which allows you to carry it anywhere you want by attaching it to your belt or pocket. This allows you to carry on with your chores and  monitor  whilst  baby  is asleep even from a range of 300 meters outdoors. Another feature is that it has a vibrating alert on the parent  monitor  that can be used whilst away from the  baby  or if you have visitors to your house. It has a torch so that there is minimum disturbance should you have to tend to your baby during the night. The parent monitor batteries are automatically recharged from the cradle connected to the main electricity supply each time to put it back in.

The  baby   monitor  has many features. It has 5 different lullabies each lasting 15 minutes when played in a constant loop. This provides a soothing relaxing atmosphere for baby to go to sleep, plus a comforting night light with adjustable brightness. You can also record your own lullaby and through an Aux point connect an MP3 player. The temperature gauge will alert the parent unit should baby’s room temperature go higher or lower than the pre-set temperature. The can be adjusted allowing total control by the parents.

Another major feature of the BT 150 Digital  Baby   Monitor  is that it has a two way talk system built into the units so that if your  baby  wakes up during the night, you can give some reassurance by speaking to them via this facility without having to physically get out of bed. There is a timer feature that you can  monitor  or schedule how long you want your  baby  to sleep for.

Both parent and  baby   monitors  can operate on battery power if you so wish. The displays on both monitors are crystal clear whilst the volume and sensitivity alerts are fully adjustable.

The BT 150 Digital  Baby   Monitor  has many qualities and features that other monitors don’t have. It is a fully functional  baby   monitor  at an affordable price and most importantly of all, will ensure your  baby’s  safety and will give you reassurance that should there be any problem, you will be alerted to it.

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