Babies and Sleeping – What Parents Forget

Babies are tender and innocent. With all the stress and pressure faced by a new parent, it is very easy to forget this. Due to a painstakingly laborious job of childcare, many parents get tired and began neglecting the most important safety precautions.

Experts recommend not giving juice or a milk formula before bedtime. Make sure that you take the bottle away, before they sleep otherwise it will cause baby bottle tooth decay. If the baby gets on sleep with a bottle in its mouth then water is a very safe choice. Do not give your baby a solid food before he is at least six months old. Doctors always ask mothers to breast feed in the first months. A mother's milk is designed by nature to provide every ingredient that the child will initially need.

A solid food in the first six months will only put the baby at the mercy of stomach virus. A bad stomach means a bad night sleep. Very young babies should not have any kind of toys in their cribs. Toys can easily result in suffocation. Yes! Much older babies can have toys in the crib bit just make sure that the toys do not disturb your child. One or two favorite toys will do the trick.

Never threaten your child to go to bed. Bedtime should serve to relax the nerves. Many parents force their kids to the bed which ultimately leads to bad bedtime memories. Children should think of a bed time as a time to rest and have good dreams, not the opposite. Too many chocolates and soda may contain enough dose of caffeine to seriously hamper any sleep pattern, among children. Often, Pediatrics fail to explain the affects of watching TV before a bed time. Just remember, it is the single most notorious reason for sleep disorders.

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