Baby Bedding

Even with the second, third, or fourth baby, it is always a fun thing to pick out baby bedding for an impending arrival. The guidelines have changed over the past couple of decades because of improvements in baby bedding safety, and you're wise to take advantage of the latest in baby bedding safety and technology.

But sometimes simplest is best. Plain cotton baby blankets can keep your baby warm without the suffocation hazard of puffy blankets. Your baby needs the same weight covers that you do, so you do not have to pile them on. Also, you do not need top sheets for your baby's crib. A fitted bottom sheet and a baby blanket will work just fine. Or you could just have a couple of baby sleeping sacks on hand. That way your baby can kick all he wants but will not kick his covers off.

One final thing that will make life easier is to buy sheet protectors and several fitted sheets. Put down a sheet protector then a fitted sheet, then another sheet protector and another sheet. That way, when there's an accident in the middle of the night, you can just remove the fitted sheet and the sheet protector and have a clean layer right underneath.

Though high technology makes everything easy but it is also necessary that you look back to the basic needs. First and foremost the cleanliness of the baby bedding is one of the most important. Check your bedding from time to time and make sure you change it regularly. Remember the bedding is one factor that affects baby's growth.

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