Baby Breathing Monitors – Protect Your Baby the Right Way!

The chance of your newborn dying from SIDS is a horrifying thought for most parnets. SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, can occur to anyone. If you child was underweight at birth, was premature by 3-4 weeks or more or if he/she was born in the winter months, they are at an increased risk of SIDS.. Baby breathing monitors can offer some reassurance for new parents. Along with purchasing baby breathing monitors, parents can do some simple things to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Here is a short to-do list of some things you can do to protect your infant from SIDS:

1 – While a lot of new babies like to be swaddled, make sure they can still move their limbs.

2 – Keep all non-essential stuff out of their crib.

3 – Set the temperature in the room to cool.

4 – Keep you baby elevated at least two to three feet off the floor.

5 – Purchase a monitor. These can aid in detecting changes in the babies breathing and alert you quickly of any problems. While they do not provide a complete solution, they are a great piece of mind investment for your new little one.

Some monitors are designed to record and log your infant’s breathing and/or movement. When a large gap appears, the baby breathing monitor alerts for the parents. Keep in mind, these baby breathing monitors simply produce an alarm and do not completely protect your infant from SIDS. Also like with any electronic device, they may contain flaws, the batteries may die and are not an end all means to prevent SIDS.

Different breathing monitors have sensitivity level differences. Make sure to follow the instruction manual for whatever baby breathing monitor you decide to invest in.

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