With newer technologies rapidly taking pride of place inside your nursery, the baby breathing monitor is one of the most useful purchases you are able to make to keep a close eye on your new born child. Everybody has, at one time or another, used a baby breathing monitor to listen in for when their child starts to cry. These are exceptionally useful for letting you know about feeding and changing times. However there are some things that are far more serious than changing nappies and feeding time and one of these is the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is a good idea to have a device which is a bit more sophisticated for listening in case your child stops breathing! Enter the new child monitors designed specifically for this event.

The new style of baby breathing monitor not only listens for when the baby starts to cry so as to alert you that they’re awake and either require feeding or their diaper changed, but using the addition of a sensitive pad placed under their blanket, it will pick up the rhythmic rise and fall of the child’s body as it sleeps. If this bodily movement ceases the pressure sensitive pad will send a message to the baby breathing monitor letting you know that some thing is wrong. This will give your precious baby that additional protection and you that added peace of mind!

With technologies this great, the new baby breathing monitor sets are passing the limits of safety by leaps and bounds. You are able to rest assured that your child is secure and doing nicely with something as easy as the addition of this pressure sensitive pad underneath them. This will allow you to focus a lot more on the things that need to be taken care of around the house without having to pop in every few minutes to check on your child to make certain they’re still breathing. Furthermore this added relief will assist you get much better sleep, without worrying, and let your child sleep much better, too, as you aren’t constantly thinking about these issues any longer.

Source by Babies & Kiddos