Baby Cradles

Baby cradles represent a beginning. Consider the cradle of civilization, the cradle of the universe and the cradle of life. As a newborn arrives into this world he is surrounded by the loving embrace of the parents. He has emerged from the warmth and security he has experienced for months. A cradle is an all-encompassing structure that can help maintain the feeling of security a baby has safely experienced so far. As his journey begins in his new environment, a cradle can provide a transitional replica of this comfort. As it is gently rocked he is calmed by the swaying movement like he experienced when his mother carried him in loving embrace.

Now he has arrived into the world of change. A cradle can be a transitional space that simulates the safe space in which he inhabited. A cradle provides comfort, sway and closeness of walls around him, a reflection of the womb of warmth. He will continue to feel his mother’s presence but the rocking can duplicate what may be missing as he ventures into this alien world.

The rocking motion is a comfort not only to the baby but to the mother. It is the motion of the universe, the tides, and the wind. It is the voice of nature and brings peace and tranquility at difficult times. Notice how children will rock themselves during times of stress.

A baby cradle represents all that is natural and safe to a newborn. It provides peace and tranquility as the rocking motion gently reflects the safe space from where he came. As he becomes accustomed to the new environment in which he finds himself, he will transition into a larger sleeping space with more ease.

Now begin to imagine how your baby will feel when he transitions into an entirely new environment. Does it make sense to keep it as similar as possible to his mother’s womb until he is accustomed to his new surroundings? What would provide this security?

The answer of course has to be a cradle. It is small, it moves, it provides a cozy surrounding. Cradles come in all sizes and styles. They can be short, close to the floor, or tall to prevent your bending over too far. Cradles rock and they swing freely from a stand. All provide familiar stimulation and comfort to the infant.

As well as the structure, the cradle provides energy. There is an energy projected by the kind of wood, the color and indeed the love that goes into the making of the project. Just as the baby is surrounded by love from the parents, he can absorb the energy of love from the person who created it with love.

Your love can be passed down through timeless generations through the creation of a beautiful and strong cradle to hold the baby safely through its transition from the womb to the new physical environment in which he arrives.

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