Baby Crying in Sleep? The Reasons Why Your Baby is Crying in Their Sleep

Are you up all night long because you have a baby crying in sleep? Does it scare you when you hear your baby in the middle of the night crying, and when you go to check on them, you find out that they are actually still sleeping? Are you completely confused at why this is happening? This article well reveal some of the various reasons why you have a baby crying in sleep so that both you and your baby can rest easy at night.

So why would a baby cry in their sleep anyway?

It is actually quite common for a baby to laugh, cry, giggle, talk, babble, mumble, scream, etc. in their sleep. There are a variety of reasons why you have a baby crying in sleep. To understand the reasons, it is important to know a bit about the way a baby functions at a physiological level. Since birth, a baby is in a constant state of growth. Also, it is a fact that the younger a child is, the faster the rate is at which they grow. With all of the various changes and growing occurring in a baby’s body, it is completely normal to have a baby that is crying in sleep.

When you have a baby crying in sleep night after night, it is most likely because of the reasons of growth as stated above. For example, it is especially common that a baby cry while asleep during the teething stages. This can be a painful developmental process for your child, and since a majority of growth occurs during periods of rest, it is understandable why your baby would be crying while sleeping.

Another simple reason for a baby that is crying in sleep is that the baby is having a nightmare. It is believed that baby may be dreaming that their mother has gone away or is not near to them.

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