Baby Gas – My Baby Has Gas What Is The Best Baby Gas Relief?

All babies and infants have gas; some babies have more gas then others. It is normal but it becomes a problem if your baby is bothered by it and is in a lot of pain. Of course you want your baby to be happy and content.

Why Can Baby Gas Cause Pain?

Babies are born with a very immature gut. Most experts agree that for the first thirteen weeks, the newborn digestive system is literally just learning to function. Newborns also lack the benevolent bacterial flora (probiotics) that develop over time to aid digestion. Gas can create gas pockets that get trapped in the upper and lower intestines. The gas acts like a cork and built-up pressure causes painful bloating and swelling of the stomach.

What can you do to help ease your baby`s gas pain?

Burping –

Make sure you burp your baby frequently while feeding; this will reduce the amount of air in your baby`s stomach. Burping is good but it will probably not help your baby totally get rid of the gas. There is gas created in the intestines during your baby`s normal digestion. The burping will not get rid of this gas.

Different ways of holding your baby –

Hold your baby with one hand, with his back against your stomach. With your free hand hold your baby`s one leg up so his/her knee is against his/her stomach. This will help your baby.

The football hold – hold your baby with face down resting her/his chin in your hand, on your forearm with baby`s legs straddling your elbow. Gentle pressure placed on your baby`s stomach can help baby`s gas.

Massage – Rub from ribcage to diaper one hand after the other, 15 times. Then bend baby`s legs to her/his stomach, count to 15. Then rub your baby`s stomach in a clockwise motion, 15 times. Bend baby`s legs to her/his stomach, count to 15. You can repeat this up to 3 times a day.

Bicycle move – Lay your baby on her/his back and move her/his legs like a bicycle. Make sure your baby lays on something soft and comfy.

Over-stimulation can sometimes cause baby gas. Do not over-stimulate your baby, it is OK to say no to visitors (even if it is hard). Sometimes some quiet and peace is all your baby need to decrease the degree of gassiness and fussiness.

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