Baby Handprint Footprint Crafts

Baby handprint footprint crafts fall into two categories.

  • The first is the crafts that you do with your baby or toddler for fun that uses their own handprints and footprints.
  • The second is the crafts you do using your baby handprint footprints as keepsakes.

Baby Handprint/Footprint Crafts for Fun

My personal favourite idea for fun crafts that use your a baby handprint is finger painting. I started finger painting with my son Jamie when he was about 20 months. Now at two years old he loves nothing more than to be stripped down to his nappy and given the finger paints and a big piece of paper to play with. The first few times I needed to help him finger paint to ensure the paint went on the paper and not in his mouth, but now I just sit with him while he explores with the paints and colours by himself.

Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsakes

The main ways to preserve your baby’s footprint or handprint for future prosperity are:

  • Ceramic Painting Keepsakes
  • Ink Handprint Keepsakes
  • Impression Material Keepsakes
  • Baby Journals

Ceramic Painting Keepsakes

I’m sure once you see your baby’s tiny hand and foot for the first time you will be just like I was and want to preserve it for life. My husband and I decided to take our baby to a Ceramic Cafe to capture his tiny wee footprint and had a totally enjoyable family craft morning together. The cafe has all sorts of ceramic items you can choose to paint, all while you have your coffee!

We chose a cute pair of ceramic flip flops and once our baby was asleep we put him in the front pack and were able to paint his feet and press them onto the ceramic flip flops. We used paint to write his name and his birthday on each one. We also made a plate each for his grandmothers and gave it to them from their grandson for their Christmas present. They of course totally loved them and we all treasure this tiny ceramic footprints.

Ink Handprint Keepsakes

You can also use a non-toxic ink pad to capture your baby’s hand and foot prints. You can purchase baby handprint kits which have all that you need in them.

Impression Material Keepsakes

It is also possible to use impression material that you can purchase specifically for making a baby hand or footprint. You can get kits that do not require mixing, baking or gluing and can be used right out of the box and air dried overnight.

Baby Journals

Many Baby Journal Books also include a space for you to put your baby handprint and footprint.

Baby journals will also help you to totally document your baby’s first year.

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