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Technology has made life around the home as easy as ever. A baby requires constant care and attention. But the household requires constant care and attention as well and parents cannot move away from those responsibilities once baby is born. With the new technologically savvy  baby   monitors , parents can find the time they need to complete daily household tasks and not have to worry about knowing whether or not  baby  is still asleep. Parents can move from room to room and in some cases up to a couple hundred feet and still keep an ear on baby. Some  monitors  include video so the parents can watch as  baby  sleeps.

The most common  baby   monitor  will features a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is positioned near baby while the microphone will capture the slightest sound. The noise is transmitted to the receiver which will let the parent know what’s going on in the room. Wireless  baby   monitors  allow the parent to move freely within the frequency limit. It is important to note the MHz of the monitor. Do not purchase a monitor which operates on the same MHz frequency as a cordless phone because interference will be caused.

 Baby   monitors  are generally either audio monitors or video and audio monitors. Video  baby   monitors  have a camera in the transmitter which allows the parent to watch the child. Video monitors afford parents with the option of either an LCD color screen or black and white. Top of the line  monitors  include handheld models of video  monitors  which can allow the parent to view  baby  at any time. Some come with multiple receivers to allow both parents to monitor the child. In even more advanced models an alarm can be set to remind the parent it is feeding time or time for the nap to end.

Several factors come into play when purchasing a  baby   monitor . The range of the system is often the most important. The frequency with which the monitor operates requires special attention as interference will occur. An ideal power source is a rechargeable battery with a low battery indicator. A light indicator, volume control and multiple receivers are also essential details.

 Baby   monitors  provide parents with the ability to keep track of  baby  at almost all times. With the influx of technology,  baby   monitors  have become more affordable than ever. A wide selection of will provide mom and dad with the perfect fit for their home.

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