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 Baby   monitor  reviews help in making the right decision when choosing a  baby   monitor . They have become very popular amongst parents, especially those with newborns or very young children. These  monitors  mainly come in two parts, a transmitter, which is normally placed in the  baby’s  room and a receiver which resides with the parent (also known as the parent unit).

These  monitors  come in all shapes and sizes these days with different functionalities and getting one could make the difference between getting a good night’s sleep, peace of mind when doing things around the house or even being able to check on your  baby  if you’re out of town.

Starting with the basic  monitor , this type acts as a sound  monitor  only, the transmitter is fitted with a microphone to allow you to hear your  baby  through the receiver. It might come with an out of range alert function depending on how much you’re ready to spend and the receiver could come with rechargeable batteries this is handy if you’re trying to keep the cost down.

Another type is the video  baby   monitor , this means that the transmitter in your  baby’s  room will be fitted with a camera and in most cases can be fitted anywhere in the room, especially if it comes with a pan and tilt function, as this allows you to control movement of the camera from where you are. The receiver will have an LCD screen to allow the parent to view their baby on the screen. Some  baby   monitors  of this type will allow you to zoom in to the image on the screen to get a better view. Other features for this type of monitor includes lullabies, infrared night vision for better viewing in the dark and on some units you have a power saving mode whereby the monitor unit will shut down if there’s no activity and re-activate automatically immediately any noise is sensed.

The wireless transmission  baby   monitors  are great because apart from having most of the functions of the video  monitor  type, there are no wires to trip you over and you can also view your  baby  via Skype from anywhere in the world, this is very useful for when a spouse is away on business.

The newer type  monitors  come with smartphone functionalities, i.e. in addition to having most of the features of the video and the wireless transmission  baby   monitors , your smartphone becomes the receiver via WiFi or over the internet, how cool is that! You would normally carry your smartphone around with you anyway, so it’s one less thing to carry. Also, the camera is an IP camera and is based on TCP/IP standards.

The battery life on nearly all of these monitors are reasonable and most of the batteries that come with the unit are rechargeable. Some of them also come with an out of range indicator or alarm.

One thing to note when buying one is that some of them do have interference issues, so watch out, especially if your neighbor up the road has one, you might be woken up by your neighbors baby.

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