Baby Monitor Set – Which One to Choose?

With full spectrum of  baby   monitor  choices, you will find yourself confused over what to choose. Like all other products, you need to pick one that is just right for you and your baby’s needs.

So which one should you really choose? Let me help you weigh down your choices a bit.

Type of  Baby   Monitor  Set

You basically have to options: the audio set or the video set. That will depend on your budget and your needs. The audio set is cheaper. The set usually comes with two or more receivers and a transmitter. Sometimes, it also comes with a sensor pad that can detect the breathing pattern of your baby.

The video set comes with a transmitter that has a camera and one or two audio sets with a separate LCD screen or a hand held device with an integrated video screen that will let you see what is happening inside your baby’s room. These are more expensive and typically range from $100 and above.

If you do not have such a big house, the audio monitor will be enough. If your house is big and you are usually located in a different floor in your house, you might want to invest in the video monitor set as this can help you monitor better.

Frequency and Channels

They come in all sorts of frequencies integrated with a number of channels. I recommend the use of a monitor with 900MHz of frequency. This has the strongest signal that reduces interference. It can also pick up signals despite roadblocks such as trees or buildings. Make sure you pick one that has a wide range.

One that lets you choose from various channels should also be picked. One or two channels do not give you a lot of options. With more channels to choose from, you can easily find the clearest signal.

There are also monitors with DECT technology. If you really want a reliable  monitor  that has zero interference and you want optimum privacy for you and your  baby , pick one with DECT technology.

DECT or Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications help you establish clear and private connection. This way, you can be assured that nobody is eavesdropping.

When you are choosing for a  baby   monitor  set, take these into consideration. It is best to do careful deliberations first before you go out and buy in the store. This way, you can mull over your choices better.

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