Nowadays baby monitors are commonly used by parents in monitoring their baby. The small gadget is effective in making baby monitoring as easy as piece of cake. Without using this, it is tiring and you need to blast your full effort, energy and time just to be sure your baby is fine all day long, plus you cannot find time in doing other works at home like washing dishes, preparing for meals, gardening and even a little laundry. If it is really needed, some parents tried to work on other important things at home however they don’t have peace of mind and feel worried leaving their baby sleeping alone in the room. And you need to go back and check often if the baby is now awake. Usually baby will cry when they awake and they are sensitive and easily get irritated even just a small sound.

Using baby monitors are really effective. It has two separate units. One unit is place behind the baby and the other one is carried by the parent. Through this way even if you are away from baby’s room, you can still monitor the baby. You can now do gardening but still capable of knowing if your baby is fine.

Most products like this has many cool features. It can reach up to 300 meters outdoor range. Privacy is guaranteed because it ensure you that on one can ever hear all your conversation. Most of them has 120 auto select channels and has two way communication channels that also ensures that you can only hear your baby’s voice and not by others.

On parent unit, some has a sound sensitive light display which means you can also receive alerts through lights display. Most controls and functions are on the parent unit since it is the main one like feed timer, mute functions, alarms and vibrating alert. On baby unit, there is a night light feature which can be remotely operated through the parent unit, some baby monitors does not have a feature like this so be sure to choose one with a night light. This is useful in order not to disturb the baby by turning the lights on the room. Parent unit has an LCD display which is also capable of reading the baby’s room temperature. Parent unit is rechargeable, 4 rechargeable batteries are included on the product description. It can be re-charge through the recharging docking station.

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