Baby Monitors

When having a newborn it is difficult to get anything done around the house. Especially when the child enters the house in the first six months; however, some of the newest technology can help take some of the burden away!

There is a baby monitor available that sees and hears everything and is a camera disguised as a stuffed animal puppy dog! It also has a portable monitor that you can carry with you to make sure that your new infant is safe! It give you an extra sense of security when you are doing the much needed tasks around the house and you can listen and watch the baby at the same time.

So for new parents this item is a must! It comes in very handy is not that expensive and will also have uses later on in the baby’s life. In our tech savvy world this item is one with many uses and is definitely worth the investment! With this camera and recorder you have all the tools necessary to monitor your newborn or while the child continues to grow you can even see what is happening to those mysterious disappearances that seem to happen around the house! Because, as parents we all know that it only takes a few seconds with your back turned to see how fast a toddler can take something such as keys or important papers and make them disappear right before your eyes!

So before the next time you need something in an instant and your toddler has taken it and you can’t find it, take measures so you will know where it is and monitor your children with the best puppy dog that you will purchase!

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