Baby Monitors: A Boon For Parents!

The modern parents find it difficult to manage and look after the babies round the clock due to paucity of time and helping hands. Nowadays, both the parents are working. They are tired after the whole day’s work; therefore, they find it tiresome to keep awake the entire night. The  baby   monitor  is the device that often comes to the rescue of such helpless parents. The manufacture of these devices has tremendously increased during the last few decades.

The  baby   monitor  is also called the  baby  alarm as it beeps at the slightest activity of the baby. It is a mini radio system that helps to remotely listen to the sounds made by the baby. The  baby   monitor  is composed of a microphone and a transmitter unit. The transmitter unit is placed next to the child so that it can pick up the slightest noise made by the infant. The radio waves transmit the sound to the receiver unit that is kept near the attendant or the parents.

There are various kinds of  baby   monitors  available. They can be easily purchased from a baby store. Some of the online stores also sell these devices at reasonable prices. The most commonly used monitors usually have one-way communication. They only transmit the sounds made by the baby. They are the basic models of the  baby   monitors . Monitors with two-way communication are also available. The attendant can speak back to the baby. They are very useful to keep the babies calm. The parents or the attendants can keep talking to the babies while they are doing some other work. In this way, the babies do not feel left alone or insecure.

Nowadays, there are monitors which have video cameras. These  baby   monitors  are called  baby  cams. Along with the audio they also transmit the video. The parents can keep vigilant eyes on the activities of their babies. Some of the  monitors  can also play music or soft lullabies to help the  babies  fall asleep. Parents or attendants can choose the monitors according to their requirements.

These devices have proven to be a boon for the parents and the attendants, but should be used judiciously. They should in no way be treated as a substitute for personal care or attention. Healthy interaction with the baby is very important. The baby can have a normal and healthy growth only if the parents take care personally. It is important to remember that infants always are at a risk for SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore, parents have to be careful because  baby   monitors  cannot prevent SIDS from occurring. Hence,  baby   monitors  should be used only when required and not always.

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