Baby Monitors Available in the Market

 Baby   monitors  have become a necessary device for all parents who have new born or very young  babies  to take care of. Since it is not practically possible for them to be next to their child always,  baby   monitors  help them in  monitoring  their  baby’s  activities, even form a distance. It is a device that ensures the safety of you baby, and at the same to enables you to take care of other chores as well.

With the help of  baby   monitors , you can immediately come to know whether your child needs you, even if you are in the other room, garage or even the garden. There are three varieties of  baby   monitors  available in the market; audio, video and movement or breathing monitor. The audio monitor is the most basic type. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver, which send across audio signals. It can tell the mother whether the baby has got up, is crying or is just making playing happily.

The video  baby   monitors  have a TV like  monitor  for a receiver, where the mother can view whether her  baby  is sleeping or playing around. The mother can also see if the baby is in some kind of a danger, like falling off the bed and immediately come to the rescue. The third variety, i.e. the movement or breathing  monitor  consists of a pressure pad which is put under the  baby’s  mattress. This can transmit your baby’s breathing patterns and immediately alert if the baby shows irregular breathing or any signs of distress.

The transmitter must be placed close to the baby so that it can pick up even the slightest and the most minute movements and sounds. The receiver, at the same time must be portable and should come with a belt clip, so that the mother can carry it everywhere.  Baby   monitors  are available in a wide price range and everyone can find a model that can easily fit their budgets.

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