Baby Monitors For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Baby monitors are very important for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. They need to be notified when their baby wakes up or is crying when they are not in the same room. There are many different monitors available for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Choosing the right one is important. You will want one that flashes a light, vibrates, or does both. Will a flashing light wake you up when you are sleeping or will you need a bed or pillow vibrator instead? It can become costly to have two separate systems for night and day.

We’ve found that the most cost effective system is the BC400 Baby Cry Signaler/Transmitter. It is plugged into an outlet in the baby’s room. You will need a receiver to make it work. You can use the Sonic Blink BL300 Strobe Receiver. The receiver is completely portable and can be plugged into an outlet in any room you are going to be in. The strobe light is very strong and will wake most people up at night. If a strobe light isn’t sufficient to wake you up, then you could use the SA101 Basic Remote Receiver instead of the Sonic Blink. It is also completely portable. It does not have a built-in strobe light so you would have to plug a lamp or Add-On Strobe into it during the day. At night you would plug the Super Shaker Bed Vibrator for Standard Electrical Outlet into it. The bed vibrator is placed under your mattress and will vibrate the bed when it receives a signal from the Baby Cry Signaler/Transmitter.

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