Baby Monitors Have Come a Long Way

Everyone with a baby should have a baby monitor. This way you do not have to constantly walk in their room to check on them. Listening to a baby monitor can keep you from waking them up every time you go in their room. Waking up a baby out of a sound sleep can be upsetting to both you and your baby.

Baby monitors are practical too. There was a time though, that having a baby monitor could result in you either calling 911 or thinking that you were going crazy. Before the improvements were made, your monitor could pick up signals from other baby monitors and phone lines. As you walked though the house cleaning up, you were caught off guard by hearing voices from beyond. Startled and thrown off, it took awhile to realize that the voices were coming through the monitor. Eventually, you looked forward to hearing what your neighbors were saying about their finances and love life.

Baby monitor manufacturers have made tremendous improvements in them and you are no longer able to hear strange conversations from beyond. The new digital monitors are static free and very stylish. In fact, Philips has a DECT Digital Baby monitor that has rave reviews. They are static free and have two way communications. The Philips DECT standard (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is what is used in cordless telephones for zero signal interference.

Since the digital baby monitors do emit some type of radiation, although it is very low, keep your digital monitor as far away from your baby as possible. Keeping it somewhere on a dresser in their room is perfect. As far as the base is concerned, you no longer have to keep it away from the microwave. The older technology created a buzzing noise from your monitor every time you turned on the microwave. The digital monitors do not do this. Feel free to heat up lunch without waking up the neighborhood.

New and improved baby monitors are a blessing for both you and your baby. Knowing that your baby is safe and sound, sleeping in their room allows you to get more done without having to disturb them. The monitors are so quiet; you may even be able to catch a nap yourself.

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