Becoming a new parent often combines two extreme emotions: extreme joy and extreme fear. It is a normal emotion. If you are a parent, you know exactly what I mean. Here you are with a new life, a very fragile life under your responsibility and all you can think about is not making any mistakes that might put your child in jeopardy. You have a tendency to want at be around the child all the time. However, after a few days you realize that is not always possible. So what can you do to continue with the normal things we all have to do while at the same time keep an eye on the baby?

Fortunately, modern technology provides a safe and easy way. You can purchase a  baby   monitor . A  baby   monitor  is a radio transmitter and a receiver that allows you listen in or even watches what you  baby  is doing when you have to be out of his or her room. With this, you are able to go about your daily routine and still monitor your child.

You simply place the transmitter in the same room as your child and put the receiver or speaker near wherever you are located. Most transmitters have a microphone that is very capable of picking up your child sounds from about ten feet away. Place the transmitter on the dresser near the child crib and you will be able to hear everything that is going on inside the baby’s room.

Probably the best application for the  baby   monitor  is at nighttime. I know that a mother’s ear is very sensitive and always tuned in to the sound of the baby. However, there are sometimes when event the best parents are overtired and occasionally ‘turn off’ the sound their precious bundle of joy. With an adjustable volume feature, the  baby   monitor  will never allow you to sleep through the nighttime cry of your  baby . Other  baby   monitor  models combine two features; you being able to hear your child and the child being able to hear you. If the baby cries, you can respond by talking into your speaker and the baby will hear you voice and know that you are responding. Other models even include a video camera allowing you to watch exactly what is going on. These cameras are similar to the camera you might have attached to your computer.

The  baby   monitor  is a great device that gives you and your  baby  both, more piece of mind that helps take away a little of the trauma of being a new parent. Read more here about TOP  Baby   Monitors  REVIEW

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