Baby Monitors – What You Should Know

If leaving your baby in another room for more than 5 minutes leads to an anxiety panic, a baby safety monitor can relieve you from those worries by offering you that peace of mind you need to live a normal life. However, choosing a baby monitor is not an easy thing. There are so many to choose from: from the high end models that sell for almost 200$ to the ultra affordable for a 30$, from the video to the audio or movement monitors, the models featuring a temperature monitor or a lullaby player. And these are only a few of the many features or options can choose from. To help you make a great purchase that will last your many years of good usage, I put together a quick check list of what to look for in a baby safety monitor.

The type of monitor

There are basically three types of monitors, audio, video and movement. They all have two components to them: the part that goes in the nursery room, or the transmitter, and the part that stays with mom or dad, or the receiver. An audio monitor will transmit any sound coming from the baby’s room. A video monitor will transmit any sound but also an image of the baby, captured by a camera installed in the nursery. A movement monitor is less common and are used by parents of newborn babies and who are worried about Sudden Infant Death Syndrom, or SIDS. Some movement monitors, such as the Angelcare Graco movement monitor included an audio monitor that can be used separately from the movement monitor. This can be useful as the monitor can still be used as the children outgrows the age risk of SIDS.

The size

The size of the parent unit should be an important factor when deciding on a baby monitor. If you are planning on using the monitor a lot, choose something portable, that you can carry not matter what you are doing around the house. Some video monitors offer big screens, but bear in mind that while it may provide a nicer image, it may not be as convenient as a small handheld device.

Other features

Other features include a low battery alert, a dual receiver, a lullaby player and a two way communication monitor to easily soothe baby, and much more.

Before choosing your baby monitor, do some research. Look for low interference devices, as poor quality products will easily get interference from other electronics and even neighbor phone lines.

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