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One hears of numerous expert opinions on why babies do not require pillows and how dangerous pillows can be for the health of your baby. Well, most of these judgments overstate the dangers and do not correctly portray the need for baby pillows. It is a fact that children less than one year of age do not usually need pillows and in some cases, the pillows may not be safe for his/her health. However, past that age, using a baby pillow is no more harmful and can actually aid your baby in sleeping better.

The skull is very plaint during the formative years, keeping the head in one side position during sleeping may result in the skull being deformed or lopsided. Sleeping on the back can lead to formation of a depression on the back of the head. Using a baby pillow can help prevent this and provides the requisite support to the head of your baby. Choosing the right kind of pillow is vital. Never choose a feather or soft pillow as the baby may develop allergies due to the feather or be smothered due to the extra softness enveloping the nose and mouth. A pillow such as the latest memory foam baby pillows are good products which provide the requisite support and firmness and are accident free.

There are different kinds of baby pillows available in the market. The key is to identify which sort of pillow is best for your baby. Baby pillows used in cribs are just as safe as any other provided they are thin and narrow. If you visit any childcare unit in any hospital, you will find crib pillows being used. Doctors also recommend baby pillows when your baby develops a cold. A baby pillow helps keep the head up and aids breathing which is disturbed by a congested nose. A baby pillow also helps prevent acid reflux and ear infections. Some opine that a good time for transition to pillows is when the baby moves from the crib to a bed. The reason that they base this premise is on the fact that on a bed the chances of smothering are greatly reduced as the pillow is liable to fall off. Some babies even start exhibit signs that they need a pillow. They do this by holding a stuffed toy or a towel under their head and use it as a makeshift head rest. Such a gesture is your baby’s way of telling you to do just that; buy a good baby pillow.

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