Baby Potty Training – Read The Signs

The process of baby potty training requires many minute details to be considered. Often, parents are so concerned about the end result that they completely forget that they are supposed to pay attention at every step. It’s like small building blocks combining to form a grand structure; every little effort is important.

Let’s take a look at some of the most basic ones.

• In case your baby’s diaper has been dry for a long period of time, it’s a sign that he has begun to learn how to control the bladder.

• If during the baby potty training session, the child goes unusually quiet and has a facial expression seeming like he is concentrating, it means that he is consciously making efforts to hold a bowel movement. This is actually a very positive indication, since it shows that your child has begun to understand the bowel functions of the body and is making efforts to control them.

• In any case, the child must be able to pull the pants up or down without the parent’s assistance after a few weeks of the training being commenced. This is essential since that is actually the basic purpose of the entire exercise. You basically want your child to use the toilet independently, and learning to pull their pants up and down is the elementary step for that.

• The importance of vocabulary related to baby potty training is often underestimated. A child must know the reference and implication of words like pee, poo and potty. Quite obviously, if he does not understand what you mean by these words, how can you expect a child to comply to your instructions?

• And lastly, the final indication that your child is ready to use the toilet without any kind of help or guidance is when he tells you that they had a bowel movement or urinated in the toilet.

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