Baby Products in the New Age of Technology

Baby Products and technology for babies has advanced tremendously in the past decade. Many products that were once the staple for babies no longer exist and parents now use more advanced technology to get them through a day with their newborn or toddler.

One company that is moving at the speed of light with baby products and creating products in line with today’s parents is Summer. Their products are consistent with active parents that are on the go, and used to new technology of cell phones, blackberry’s, and mobile devices. The Summer monitor is an example of one of the products. This is not your normal radio waves baby monitor. It’s advanced for parents who are used to using better technology. The LED display and Digital baby monitor allow parents to see their toddler no matter where they are in the house. It has multiple camera angles and channels to allow for multiple toddler monitor. Therefore, on one device you can monitor up to 4 babies in different rooms with one small blackberry sized monitor screen. The digital sound makes for no outages and quiet sound, which you may not get from a baby monitor based on radio waves.

Toddlers are also starting to use devices such as the iPod or iPad as Apps are being created to work specifically for newborns. In the past, when parents would need to give their baby a toy is become extinct. Now parents can give their Toddler an iPad or iPod to occupy their time when needed.

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