Baby Proof Your Backyard

Under the sun with the grass under their feet, children love playing outdoors. But, this Utopian scene can be tainted by safety hazards and hidden dangers. Parents can baby proof the backyard by taking a few simple precautions.

Fence in the play zone

The street and driveway should remain separate from the play area. Children ideally should play in an enclosed area with child-resistant latches. This prevents children from wandering off into the road. An uncluttered path for ride on toys in a wide backyard would also prevent possible accidents.

Play equipment safety

A swing set or playground equipment must comply with safety standards. Check the equipment regularly to check for any wear and tear or flaws. These should be addressed immediately with the manufacturer.

Watch water hazards

A swimming pool can be a scary place for a baby. So baby proof your swimming pool by erecting a fence around it. Close the gates firmly at all times, a legal requirement in many countries. When children are swimming, adults should supervise them. Make sure furniture is kept far from the fence to dissuade a climber from trekking over the fence.

Fountains, fish ponds and wading pools also are on the list of water hazards. These areas should be drained when not in use. Fences should be built around fish ponds and fountains to prevent children from falling in them.

Safe sandpit

When they aren’t properly covered, sandpits are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. When your sandpit is not in use, cover it with a shade cloth so that small animals don’t do their business inside it. Be sure to dry the pit adequately if it gets wet.

Adult supervision – a must

All of the baby proofing in the world goes out the window without adult supervision. Relax in a shady spot and monitor your children at all times. If any accident occurs, you can be nearby to rectify the situation.

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