As we have previously mentioned a baby safety monitor is a great way to have less stress in your life, as we all know that when you have a little baby, there will be a whole lot of stress in your life, especially if you are a new parent! Baby safety monitors mean that you can listen to your baby wherever you are however you can still go on with your daily activities. Keeping your baby safe with a whole lot less stress!

The problem is, people often have trouble deciding what kind to buy. Right now we are going to talk about the differences between video and audio baby safety monitors.

Audio Baby-Safety Monitors

These types of baby monitors are probably the most popular kind available. However they have both pros and cons.

  • They are cheaper than a video monitor because they don’t have a screen.
  • They are generally lighter and much more portable therefore you can carry them around and carry on with your normal daily activities
  • They don’t use the battery so fast because they are only audio.
  • They come with a lot of added extras because they can afford to add it on and still have a decent size and weight.
  • However you cannot see your child, only hear them.

Video Baby-Safety Monitors

Since the advancements in technology are so rapid these days, every single thing in the world is being updated constantly. This also applies to the average baby safety monitor. However, as usual there are also positives and negatives to these monitors.

  • You can see your child, not just hear them, which means a greater level of peace of mind for some parents.
  • They will be more expensive because of the video monitor. The price will go up considerably.
  • They are bulkier and this of course means not so easy to carry around, and they are more of a stationary monitor. So you cannot really go about your normal life.

As you can see there are a lot of things to considers when looking at Baby monitors but between these two is often a hard choice for people. The general idea is that the audio monitors a better option. They are cheaper, which means every can afford to buy one, and they still do the job. You can hear your baby moving and crying when they need you, however you can also take it around and listen during normal daily chores, which unlike a video monitor means it is more useful in everyday life. Of course, if you want that extra peace of mind and want to watch your baby sleep then you should get a video monitor, however, if you want cheap, affordable and ultimate mobility then the audio baby safety monitor is the way to go.

Source by Babies & Kiddos