Baby Safety Monitors Guide For New Mothers

Baby safety is the most important concern for new parents. Every parent wishes they could be with their child 24/7 but lets face it as parents we need me time as well especially when we have gone weeks on end with little to no sleep. Its part of it but the best thing you can purchase as a new parent is some kind of  baby   monitoring  system that will allow you to get much needed tasks accomplished while your  baby  is sleeping.  Baby  Safety  Monitors  have been around a while but its not until recently have they gotten so technologically advanced and made new parenting life much less stressful.

These days there are a host of different monitors to go with and sometimes its hard to decide which avenue to take. Much of it depends on the size of your wallet especially if you are wanting to the very best in home monitoring. There are several options to choose from and it really is a matter of personal preference when it comes to  baby  safety but all parents will agree that some kind of  monitoring  system is an absolute must. So lets look at the different styles of monitors we can choose from.

There are four types of  baby  safety  monitors  out there video, audio, sounds/lights, and intercom monitors. Each one has its pros and cons but it mainly depends on your wallet and how extensive you want  baby   monitoring  to be. Audio Visual monitoring is definitely the most popular in recent years because of obvious reasons. They come in wireless hand held remotes so you can literally see what your baby is doing in the palm of your hand while you are going about your business in the other room. Many of these have 2 way interaction and are 2 channel systems so there is no interference. The camera units often come with auto sensor for light level detection so that new parents can have night monitoring or “night vision” if you will.

Check to be sure that the system you buy has a good battery life. Some run on AA batteries and some are rechargeable so that you can set them in a cradle to charge when not using. There are many great name brand models to choose from like Evenflo, Graco and the ever popular Fisher Price. Just be sure that you look for a good warranty and great reviews on whichever model you decide to go with.

Always remember even though you have purchased a great  baby  safety  monitor  for you home it doesn’t mean you should check on your  baby  frequently, that is one thing experts have a hard time coming to grips with.

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