Baby Tubs – Safety First

A simple solution for parents struggling with creative ways to get their children clean without resorting to frustrated tears (from the parents!) is baby tubs. Recently, at a friend’s baby shower, three separate quests arrived with bathtubs as presents (a gift registry is not always accurate!) which made me realize how important tubs for baby are for both the parents and the infants.

The Aquababy bath ring creates a secure environment for bath time as your baby begins sitting up. The ringed seat safely holds baby while still allowing freedom to move about. The seat is non-slip and the contoured back lends extra support. Large suction cups provide stability and the adjustable bath ring fits to the shape of your bath. Think of it as a floating high chair in the water! For ages 6 months and up for children weighing under 28 pounds.

The inexpensive, lightweight Safety 1st Kirby inflatable tub can be shipped directly to your home through small parcel ground. These soft inflatable baby tubs make an ideal transition from an infant tub to an adult sized bathtub. The Kirby inflatable tub is designed with comfortable material for your baby and turns bath time into playtime! After bathing, just unplug the drain plug and the tub hangs up for easy drying and storage.

A Munchkin Safety Duck Baby tub is an adorable duck tub with a security disc inside that will turn white if bath water is scalding hot. These compact, inflatable baby tubs are padded with a surface texture that helps prevent slips. Portable tubs deflate and fold easily making them perfect for traveling. A contoured headrest helps you wash baby’s hair with ease. Children are not overly concerned with the safety features but adore squeezing the duck’s beak!

An upright baby tub benefits newborns and parents by helping provide a safe and relaxing bath. Baby bathtubs made of safe non-toxic plastic allow for a natural position which helps to calm and relax babies. Using this creative design, your baby bathes with their feet resting against the bath wall, and the contoured tub supports baby’s back.

Colicky babies find bath time relaxing in an upright baby tub. An additional bonus is baby does not get cold even during hair washings! A baby tub is designed so as to be used anywhere and its unique design prevents spills from water splashing. No more slip sliding away trying to bathe your infant in the sink or conventional tub!

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