Baby Websites

A website for your baby

You can have a delivery day countdown, share photos with friends and family, organize your gift registry, keep track of baby growth with visual graphs, share video and let your friends share their thoughts with you through your guestbook.

After delivery you can continue share significant moments with friends and family.

Password protection is very important, so you can control who has access to your baby website. Many services allow for some specific pages to be private, and also you can have folders made private to upload your files so than they are accessible from everywhere.

Guestbooks allow visitors of your baby website to add comments, share thoughts and contribute to your site. Visitors can also upload photos to your site, and usually website owner controls if the photos will be publicly available or not.

Poll pages are also a great way to check visitor opinions on various subjects. By setting polls with pre-configured answers, baby site owners can collect trends from their site visitors and display them in a graphic manner

Another important aspect of a baby website is the available storage disk space. At least 1GB of storage disk space should be offered so the owner can have plenty available space to upload photos and videos

Most of the baby website creation services offer professional photo printing. Visitors select the photos they want to printed, and order them directly from your website.

How many times you said I wish I had the photos a friend has taken from last birthday party? Invite your friend to your baby website, and he can upload the photos there.

Give the opportunity to your friends and family that are located away from you to share the exciting moments of your baby! They will be able to watch your baby growing and share their thoughts with you.

In most services you can change the theme as many times as you like, updating the look and feel of your website, by selecting of various pre-designed templates.

Add as many babies as you want, you can even add your pets!

You can let people know where you are registered for gift for your baby. In a gift registry page you add you online or physical stores where you keep a baby gift registry. If it is an online shop then visitors can click on the link and transferred to that site directly

Baby website creation is very easy and fast. In less than 30 minutes you will be ready to start sharing your baby website!

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