Maximise your chance of conceiving

The Clear Blue Fertility Monitor is designed to track your monthly cycle and give you notification of your most fertile days.

It does this by detecting the hormonal changes in your body and measures the amount of estrogen and looks for the LH surge in your urine.

Therefore, you will know what days of the month are most likely to lead to a successful conception.

Clinical data shows that most successful conceptions occur in the six days leading up to ovulation, the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor enables you to easily identify this period.

Predict your irregular periods with accuracy

If you suffer from irregular periods it can make trying for a baby very hit and miss. The Clear Blue Fertility Monitor measures the hormones in your urine and has been laboratory tested to be 99% accurate in predicting the LH surge the precursor to ovulation.

Remove human error from predicting peak fertility days

The Clear Blue Fertility Monitor learns about your monthly cycle. If you are frustrated at trying for a baby with no success the monitor can show you when to concentrate your efforts.

However, no machine is infallible and you should not only just try for a baby on the specific days it indicates, but adopt a varied pattern.

Natural, non invasive and easy to use

The whole process of using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor is non invasive. No needle or other implements to place into your body, just a test stick and a slot on the monitor to assess results.

Source by Babies & Kiddos