Best Baby Monitor For Transition to Crib?

Having a baby monitor at home assures many parents. I bet you too would like to experience the same convenience experienced by other parents who have employed the use of these monitors.

You can easily find these gadgets nowadays. There are a lot of reputable brands that provides easy monitoring. They range in prices and functions. Of course, the more functions integrated in it, the higher the price. The following are just some brands you can consider:

Graco Ultra Clear II 49mhz Baby Monitor

Many users have rated this brand highly. Despite the low price, it has pretty spiffy features. You can choose from 2 channels so you can pick the clearest one. Also, it uses a frequency with significantly reduced interference.

This is a sensible way of monitoring your baby if you do not want to spend too much on a monitor. It allows you to listen to the sounds your precious one makes while you are at a remote distance from your baby’s room.

Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8″ Screen

This comes with lightweight transmitter and receivers. You can not only hear your baby, you can also see them. It uses 900 MHz, a frequency that most experts suggest as it has the clearest signal. You can pick up signals using this with up to 350 feet of range.

It is a color video monitor but you can still see your baby at night with its black and white night vision. The LED sound lights integrated will clue you up that there is still activity in your little one’s room even when the screen is turned off.

Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology

This is a sound monitor incorporated with DECT technology. This is the technology that allows maximum privacy to your family as it reduces interference. Also, you can choose form over 100 channels so you can really use the clearest of signal. Even though it lacks the nifty features of other brands, this has been voted as the best by many consumers because of its reliability.

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen

This is another top-rated video monitor. You can pick up signals within 350 feet of range. It has been equipped with a night vision so you can still monitor your baby at night. On top of that, you can scan the room using your receiver so you do not have to adjust the transmitter in your baby’s room at all times.

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