Choosing between the best baby monitors can be quite difficult for new parents. There is such a broad range of devices available on the market the whole process can be quite confusing. In order to reach a conclusion it’s very important to establish what key features you want and what features you can live without. In this way you can select a baby sleep monitor that’s right for you and your family.

Old fashioned devices just used to transmit sound. While these products are still available they are largely outdated and most parents prefer to go for video monitors which enable them to both hear and see their baby when not in the same room. The price of these products has dropped quite substantially over recent years and they are now accessible to most moms and dads.

Baby video monitors consist of two separate components. A video camera (which resembles a webcam) with built-in microphone which is placed in the baby’s room and a receiver unit which is often portable and consists of a small LCD screen with a built-in speaker. Image and sound are transmitted by the camera and microphone to the receiver unit.

When buying a baby sleep monitor the first key decision is whether to go for a well-known brand or whether to settle for a less well-known make. Whilst many of the latter can be perfectly adequate there are occasionally less reliable and offer poor after sales support. On this basis most parents will go for an established brand that they know and respect.

The next key decision is the screen size of the handheld receiver unit. This greatly influences the price and just a small increase in overall size can increase the price of the product by 50% of more. Generally speaking a screen size of 1.5 inches is sufficient to produce a clear picture enabling you to clearly see your baby’s movements.

The range of the baby sleep monitor is also quite important and again can influence the overall price. If your home is small a transmission range of 150 ft should be adequate. However, if your home is large or you want the device to work in the garden it’s best to go for a product with a range of 350 ft or more. The more powerful the device the clearer the resulting picture will be and less interference you will see from other household electric devices.

The operating time is quite important. The handheld receivers can often run on batteries and off the mains. However, if you want to carry it around your home then you’ll need to use the batteries. An operating time of 10 hours is average and you should avoid choosing a device that falls short of this. Also, make sure that you select a rechargeable baby monitor (or least one that’s provided with battery recharging pack) as replacing the batteries can otherwise prove to be very expensive.

Finally, some monitors come with special features such as the ability to play lullabies via a speaker built into the camera unit. If your baby wakes frequently this can prove to be immensely valuable as you can play a soothing and sleep promoting lullaby by pressing a button on the receiver unit without even having to enter the room.

All video baby monitors come with in-built night vision enabling you to see your baby during the day and during the night.

Source by Babies & Kiddos