The duel baby video monitor set from Summer Infant is different from any other monitor available today. This baby video monitor is unique in its look, the 7 "LCD color flat screen has a built in handle, tilt feature and swivel design which accommodates multiple angles. A second 1.8" handheld color video monitor is included making it more convenient for parents. As the name of the unit implies, Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor is superior in its technology, transmitting at 900MHz frequency providing superior clarity and 350 'range with 2 channel selections to minimize interference.

Most parents agree that the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Monitor Set is one of the very best baby video monitors on the market with an average evaluation score of 4.5 out of 5.

Video Picture Quality:

The quality of the video is very clear at all times, including night vision, you will be able to clearly see your baby at night without any light in the nursery. The portable handset can be connected to a TV giving another large image of your baby. Having both the 7 "LCD display and the handheld unit allows 2 people in separate locations, even upstairs and downstairs, the ability to have vision of your child, a great advantage.

Audio and Reception:

The sound is very clear, occasionally static has been experienced but is usually overcome by moving the position of the monitor or changing the channel selector. Computers and phones do not usually cause interference in reception.

Other Features and Limitations:

The rechargeable battery of the portable handset lasts a long time depending on whether it's set on Audio only mode, or Audio and Video mode. However a disadvantage with the batteries is that they are NiCad batteries which can have memory effect issues if you do not allow them to completely discharge before recharging them.

The handheld unit when not connected to AC power will go into sleep mode after a few minutes for the video function, audio remains active, to re-activate simply press a button on top of the handheld unit.

This Baby Video Monitor Set does not have a pan or zoom function or an option of a 2nd camera for monitoring a 2nd child in the home.

Overall, the Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor Set with 7 "LCD and 1.8" Handheld Unit is highly recommended by most parents who use this system, 4.5 out of 5, the disadvantages are less significant compared to the benefits experienced by parents concerned about the safety and well being of their baby, they ultimately want the best baby video monitor available.

Source by Babies & Kiddos