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It’s a good day to gather friends and that mommy-to-be. Baby showers are absolute fun especially as the gifts come out. We often visualize what would be good for the baby when he comes out: from the child’s room to the toys, to the clothing. However really thinking on what to give is a sticky situation. Let’s face it Mom and Dad and even the whole clan may have already gotten the best decor for the babe’s room, or has already fancied on a few trinkets for the crib. Hiring a background check service to check on the guest list can even show that most in it will definitely be excited family members and closest friends. To help you get through that baby shower, here are great gifts from babycenter.com that May help the parent’s to be and something the baby will surely enjoy.

1. Bouncy seat. Parents will definitely have time to do those chores especially with the baby’s safety solved. the babe in turn will have fun wiggling and jiggling to his heart’s content without the parents worrying if he’s fine or not (as long as the babe is still on their view that is–don’t leave babies alone). The bouncy seat is portable and features a cheerful look the baby would surely adore.

2. Baby monitor. This is a great gift to buy especially for first time moms and dads. This is a great addition to the baby’s bedside table. Background check shows that today’s gadgets have become more sophisticated with time not to mention with enhanced performance. Parents can be assured to monitor their child more even when they are in a different room. Another plus is that today’s baby monitors even has motion sensors that’s brings out an alarm in case the baby hasn’t moved for a certain period of time. Even video monitors are also available.

3. Bedding. So what if other family members gave beddings for the babe’s room, an extra won’t hurt. Go for the fun colors. Pastels always brighten up the room. Add a few duckiest for prints or that cute teddy like the one to the child is always fond of.

4. Front carrier. It’s one of the handiest gifts. Mom’s can carry around their babies without much worry especially as they are snuggled up close. It’s an ingenious tool especially as it leaves mommy’s hands free as they do housework or other errands.

5. Bath Kit. It’s another practical gift that mommies are sure to appreciate; especially if it means keeping the baby squeaky clean. Get a bath tub for the baby and fill it with all the bath essential a mom would need. Include baby shampoo, baby soap, towel, spongy, and even that rubber ducky (bath toys work well to help not baby cry during bath time and to keep them entertained as you shampoo away).

6. Activity Gym. Something for the brain. Babies are enthralled by their environment and it’s cool to get them something fascinating to feast their eyes and their brains with. Contraptions such as the activity gym can help a lot in helping them distinguish objects: shapes, sizes and color.

7. Starter Library. Storytelling has always been a great help in the development of the babies brain. One of the best gifts is a starter library. Catch all the best children classics from Hans Anderson or the Grim Brothers. Try Dr. Seuss as well. Reading stories to babies not only make the bonding closer between mother and child but also helps enhance the child’s speech. Another plus with reading books are the lessons instilled in it which may help them learn morals at an early age.

8. Out and About Kit. Travelling can’t be helped at times and for parent’s keeping baby’s things organized is a must. Diaper bags filled with nappies and wipes plus an extra outfit or two is a great way to start. Add a bottle and a ready-to-feed formula, pacifiers, and small toys. Toss in an extra shirt for mommy as well.

9. Sleep kit. To survive those few months of sleepless nights, parents would definitely appreciate a sleep kit. A comforting nightlight, plus a soft blanket for off the crib cuddling plus a soothing music would be a big help. You may also include a special mobile with soft lullaby music.

10. A group of dinner providers. Who wouldn’t want this? For new parents, most especially, making dinner may be a little too difficult to make especially with taking care of the baby. For a start organize a group of mom-to-be friends to help the couple by providing dinner for them for a while. It’s bringing them hot meals nightly for the first couple of weeks. Add up a certain time where you can help babysit the baby or at least organize a group from your friends for such. This will allow mom and dad to have time for them. Another plus for such is that there’s no need for employment verification since it’s a group of trusted friends.

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