Breath Movement Monitor

Having a new-born is often an exciting and joyous occasion for most families. Yet, it can be equally challenging as well, especially for couples who are welcoming their first child. As parents, it is only natural for you to give the best care and protection for your little bundle of joy.

Since a new-born may sleep as much as 16 hours a day, it is vital to monitor you little ones sleep to ensure that they are safe and sound. However, it can be physically demanding to constantly check on your baby while juggling with your daily activities.

There are 3 types of baby monitors commonly found in the market, namely audio monitors (sound), video monitors (sight) and motion sensor monitors (movement). The latest baby monitor in the market it the BREATH movement monitor.

Breath Movement monitor can detect baby’s breath movement count, the moment baby lies on the mat. It is non-invasive to the baby as nothing is attached to the baby, no cord is required to connect the mat to the parent control unit. The mat and the parent control unit is also battery operated. Hence, minimizes safety hazards for your baby.

Baby’s breath movement count is displayed on the parent control unit. The number shown on the parent control unit shows the number of breath baby breathe per minute. A healthy normal baby will have breath movement count of between a range of 30-60 per minute.

Fiber-optic technology is used as a sensing medium in the mat to detect subtle movements which does not emit any electrical energy, which is an important feature that parents look out for when they buy any baby products for the new-born.

Besides providing you with constant updates on your baby’s breath movement counts (displayed on the parent control unit), the mat can also alert you whenever your baby has rapid or slow breathing movements while you attend to you daily chores. Parents/ Caregivers will know when baby is awake or when baby rolls off the mat.

It is simply the safest, most portable, easy to use and convenient breath movement monitor in the market.

As this mat is not a medical device nor a device to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or ‘cot death’. Babies with a known predisposition to any breathing abnormality including apnea should be monitored by a doctor. Please seek advice from doctors or health care professional for medical diagnosis or when unsure of any symptoms.

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