BT 150 Baby Monitor Review

This article is all about the BT 150 digital baby monitor. There are strong points and some weak points, which I explain below. I have found that this is a good product so at the end of the article I have included a link to get a BT digital baby monitor at a good price.

What makes this Baby Monitor so popular?

This BT digital monitor is very practical with lots of added features that are a great help to parents. There are a number of lullabies, and you can also record your own! If you are not so good at singing, why not just connect your MP3 player up with baby’s go to sleepy songs. The light is adjustable, and in a warm yellow, not like one of those ultraviolet fly traps. Very useful for finding dummies in the middle of the night! With our twins I did not want to go through the trouble of getting a dimmer switch installed in the nursery.

The sound quality is fantastic – and the stylish, sleek design means it doesn’t look out of place or ugly in your nursery.

Some of the features:

  • Multiple polyphonic lullabies and moonlight – two less things to buy
  • Communicate 2 ways via the monitor
  • Built in pager to locate the handset – so you can always find it!
  • Alerts if the baby monitor becomes unplugged (possibly by some cheeky little fingers!)
  • Excellent sound quality – whilst being able to alter the sensitivity
  • Vibration alert – feel if your child is crying whilst mowing the lawn
  • Aux input for MP3 players
  • Adjustable night light – in warm yellow
  • Out of range warning

So there’s nothing wrong with it at all?

Well – nothing’s perfect. The temperature monitoring function (room temperature) can sometimes be inaccurate – but the fact is this is a common complaint with many baby monitors. We went through 2 other types of monitors (I won’t mention any names) which were worse.

Where’s the best place to get it?

The ideal place would be somewhere with the best price, AND that has excellent customer service. The reason I say this is that this is an electronic product. They can and do go wrong! So get it from a company with a brand that has a reputation to protect, as well as a good deal. If there are any problems the company will sort it out quickly for you. Amazon fit this description very well.

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