Baby blankets make excellent baby shower gifts and you can buy so many different types. You can find crib baby blankets – large and small, car seat baby blankets, carrying blankets, and others. They also make nice gifts because they are so easily personalized. What mother wouldn’t love to receive a baby blanket embroidered with the name of their child? This type of gift never grows old. And many parents will keep the blanket for years and decades long past when their child has grown to adulthood. And possibly pass it on to them for their children.

Buying a blanket as a gift might be nice. But if you think that you might be a bit “crafty”, you might try your hand at knitting your own baby blanket. If you’re a beginner, a blanket is the perfect non-complicated starting project for you. Blanket patterns are easy to find and download from the Internet. Or you may find that your parents or friends have blanket patterns that they’ve never used. One really nice thing about making your own baby blanket is that you can customize it exactly the way you want. If you only want to use organic cotton and organic wool, you can do so. If you want a not-standard size baby blanket, you can make it to your exact specification.

If you knit your own blanket, the yarn materials you will probably use are some combination of acrylic, cotton, and wool. If you are just learning to knit and decide to knit your baby blanket yourself, you can take comfort in realizing that you don’t have to knit it all at once. An alternative is to knit the individual blanket squares and then sew them all together later. However, if you do feel up to the challenge, feel free to knit the entire blanket all at once. Most parents love receiving blankets as a gift. A home made blanket simply makes such a gift more personal in nature and will really endear you to the child’s parents.

Baby blankets come in a variety of interesting designs and patterns. A bright interesting pattern can stimulate the senses of a child keeping his mind engaged.

Finding patterns is not difficult. A simple Internet search will bring up thousands of baby patterns – some free and some for sale, and with all levels of difficulty. Many of these sites will also offer sewing and crochet courses to help you along.

Many readers of the Peanuts comic strip find amusing just how much the character Linus is attached to his baby blanket. But a child’s attachment to his or her blanket is a real life occurrence. It is an extremely important part in your baby’s limited world. Psychologists have documented many instances of a child becoming attached to a favorite blanket. Sometimes he becomes so attached to it that he’ll become anxious if he enters a new environment without it. Baby blankets actually do provide a sense of security to many children.

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