Any day now, you are due to give birth. You have planned your nursery, read up on what is to be expected in the delivery room, and researched breastfeeding. Yet, you still wonder how prepared you really are? How much help will you really need? Have you thought about care for yourself besides just your newborn? There is no shame in admitting that you would like an extra pair of hands around, or perhaps a professional who is a specialist in the care of new mothers and newborn education.

Many women have a career and are now expecting their first baby. Most have had no previous infant experience or knowledge, and now would be a good time to hire a postpartum doula, or newborn care specialist, otherwise known as a baby nurse. These women come into your home the day you come home from the hospital. They bring to you a wealth of information about breastfeeding issues, newborn education, sleep training, colic issues, formula matters, swaddling techniques, infant massage, help with multiples, and night duty care. This ensures that the parents get a full nights rest so that they may cope with the following day with a clear head. Doulas are especially helpful if you have other children at home that will need your attention as well. Unfortunately, many of us live out of state from extended family. Not all of us can have our own mothers to help out as theirs did many years ago. A doula is there to meet the mother's needs.

Postpartum Doulas "mother the mother" as well as care for your infant while you rest or take a moment for yourself. A doula can run an errand for you while you sit and nurse your baby, take care of the laundry, or prepare a meal for the family. By doing this, she takes away your worries and keeps the home running smoothly. While she can do these services in order to give the mother time to rest, the newborn care specialist focuses totally on the care of your newborn. They are available on a hourly or 24/7 basis. You can sleep all night knowing there is somebody there to meet your baby's needs. A wise woman is admitting she could use help and asking for it. Newborns are our business.

Source by Babies & Kiddos