Child Safety and Baby Monitors – 2 Hidden Details You Must Know About!

Child Safety is a major worry for parents. Most of the time, we worry that our Infants or Toddlers may hurt themselves when left alone.

Why is it that we sometimes can’t hear them crying, and yet we blame ourselves if they get hurt? Has the thought of leaving your infant or toddler alone for a moment worry you? How is it possible to keep an eye on your child every moment and not worry?

Have you considered buying a Summer Infant 02100 monitor? The safety of your child is important, but peace of mind is your reward with this monitor.

Are Baby Monitors Worth an Investment?

If you are home and you keep your baby by your side every moment, then there is no need to invest in a monitor.

Important reasons you should invest in a Summer Infant 02100 portable monitor.

  • What if you have a pet and you are still not sure if your pooch is jealous of the newborn? Keeping a close eye on your pet and baby at the same time is very difficult.
  • Safety hazards in the crib, your infant may move or roll around more than expected and get hurt.
  • Leaving your baby or toddler alone with a guardian or sitter is an option, but wouldn’t you still feel more at ease if they had a portable video and audio monitor with them at all times? Can you rely on someone else to watch your child every moment?

As parents, we plan for everything that can happen to our child, but sometimes it doesn’t work. This is the time to consider a video monitor.

2 Hidden Details – Summer Infant 02100

Remember there are many baby monitors and unique options available to all. Here are 2 hidden details that you need to consider when purchasing a monitor.

1. Portability & Wireless Technology

Are you able to roam throughout the house and/or go outside and still hear and see your child?

2. Night Vision and Audio Sound

Are you able to see your baby in the dark, at night and is the audio clear enough to hear them breathing?

Did you know that most baby monitors have either good audio but substandard video? You will be lucky to find a monitor that is portable with both excellent reception and video as the Summer Infant. Read below how to ensure your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

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